Pray for Peltier


The narrative of Leonard Peltier is an unfortunate one. Yet as overwhelmingly desperate and controversial it seems to become, it is sadly just the tip of the grotesque historical drama of which it has descended. Mass Murder, Spiritual Oppression, Cultural Extinction, Broken Treaties, Defilement of the Sacred and Corporate Greed are just a few of the issues we must face on the path to Restorative Peace. Fortunately throughout our brutal past the Native Spirit of all Humanity has taken refuge within the hearts of a select few who have safe guarded it from mans often destructive powers of progress and supremacy. It is in honor of our indigenous guardians that we now stand to defend their descendants, who to this day continue to endure the abuses of oppression. Leonard Peltier is the personification of our long enduring Native Spirit, abused and contained behind bars. The time has come to rise higher than the gates of injustice and generate the energy needed to bring him out.

faviconPlan of Action:

  • On June 26, 2014 the 39th anniversary of the shootout at Pine Ridge Indian Reservation we will under protection of the First Amendment peaceably assemble and unite as one conscious source for Leonard Peltier at the Gates of United States Penitentiary Coleman.(where Leonard is imprisoned) In a sanctified manner we will commence in Prayer with the intention to spread understanding, request compassion, and contest apathy as we form the foundation of healing energy/prayer.
  • After June 26, we will take to the internet, building our supporter/artist/activist base as well as Prayers. After we have reached a sufficient level of energy  we will then load all the prayers into a bag and set forth on the journey to bring them home to the point of origin in the sacred Black Hills. The journey will be documented and promoted to build further awareness as its carrier travels from Florida to S. Dakota continuing to the final ceremony where we will release  the prayers into the sky and onto the Earth where they may take root and grow free, as the spirit of Leonard Peltier.